As far back as the 9th century BC, potters were shaping by hand, crude vessels made of course clay. These earthen vessels were crafted to serve as containers for stored items.

By 1000 BC, they were commonly used for the cooking and storing of food and water. The simplicity of these unadorned jars in no way diminshed the valuable substances of the food and water that quenched thirsts and provided nourishment needed for humand to grow and remain healthy and fit.

Clay Jars is a small Christian publishing company and we think of our books as vessels carrying the valuable substances found in God’s patterns and principles of the Bible. Our books are chock-full of savory and thirst quenching spiritual nourishment. The practical, inspirational fiction we offer is meant to positively stimulate the hearts, and minds of children, teens and adults.


The CJP Mission

Clay Jars Publishing exists to offer inspirational works that depicts the situations in life that people of all ages are faced with, and to inspire them to new vision, insight and a desire to live life from God’s point of view.


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              LIGHTS ~  CAMERA ~ ACTION! Novel writers are like actors. They portray many contrasting roles.What makes them so remarkable is that they morph into each of the characters and personalities that drive their stories forward. They are what can be called “one man (or) one woman shows” as they cover all the bases. Novel writers do their acting on paper without making an audible sound. Now that’ more

There are “reads,” and then there are READS...

In some circles, a ”read” is when you tell someone about themselves in a humorous but catty way. But… Reading a juicy novel will: R - Relax you while you E - Engage your senses to A - Absorb the message and D - Delve into the characters It might even inspire you to write. “Now THAT’S more

Writing From the “True” You…

“You’re giving me life!” Is a “heady” slang someone might say to you when they see you doing or wearing something that excites, amazes or touches them in a certain way. But if you are an author who wants to write “life giving” stories that excite, amaze, or touch readers in thought evoking, or even life changing ways, you have to get out of your head, and write from your heart! Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life. Proverbs more